Eklektro Desperados:
a sub-series dedicated to the those encountered out on the edge!


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Bangkok! 30.9mb

5:00 RV-free and blowing off steam, en route to the islands, a mad night out in this allnight city

thanks to Andy Haze, Forest Cassanova plays "Joe tourist", editing and cam by EKG

Mal Paso 6.1mb

1:00 Desperately seeking Escape from Playa Mal Paso (Beach Shitty-Road)

cam by anonymous laborer i met on the path


Semana Santa 13.3mb
part 1 of 2


2:09 Heading out to a jungle-beach for a camp-out week, this is a family that goes their own way!


cam by EKG and random tripod helpers, audio by EKG, live audio by the family jam!


Semana Santa 16.7mb
part 2 of 2


2:42 ...and by the end of the week, it turns into
a day-long jam...


cam by EKG and random tripod helpers, audio by EKG, live audio by the family jam!

Jam with Sam 6.66mb

2:15 definite desperado we met on the road...
exorcising (or was that
exercising?) his demons



cam by Pd, cam and editing by EKG, everything else by Sam!


Eklektro Vehicle Launch 02
High Bandwidth - 8.1 mb
Low / Modem - 4.8mb

1:48 Eklektro Karavan EastCoast Lift-off, 6/2/02... "systems check, roger, over..."

audio by greg/EKG, vox by alex

editing: greg, belle
cameras: belle, angus, greg

Time Release [4mb]
audio-only version

1:49 excerpt / 9:00 track
1999 eklektro archive
remixed audio/new video
coming soon on DVD

Transgressor circa '99: audio: drum, vox and editing


Lackluster [8.2mb]

1:28 excerpt / 5:00 track
1999 eklektro archive,
a look back:

celebrating 5 years of
tech-nomadic living!

Transgressor circa '99: original audio and earliest video editing
remixed vid in '00


NoiseMachines [1mb]

burningman noise loops
2001 eklektro archive

Jan Keller / Greg Weber
Jeremy Slater : camera

RadioDrum [3.1mb]

0:57 djembe + desert
divided by [megaphone]
to the power of [DV]
= radioDrum

djembe: greg/EKG
megaphone: angus
camera: matt bass


Rebuild 9.5mb


2:19 Tour of the donor parts-car RV, #3 in the Eklektro "fleet"


junkyard cam by EKG