A page dedicated to the companies, individuals and independant entities who are helping to make Eklektro Karavan a reality... To these makers and distributors of innovative gear, software and support, the Eklektro Tech-Nomadic Network says thank you!
One of the best bargains on the web, Dreamhost provides Eklektro with all the server space for our video archives, great bandwidth, reliability, and at an unheard of price! And when you click the link to sign up, be sure to enter promo code "eklektro", you'll receive an extra $40 off, with no set-up fees!
One of the more popular features of the Eklektro RVs are the big blue solar panels up top, powering our studio electronics, and allowing us perhaps the ultimate freedom, to create music and media while off the grid! On a recent roadtrip we stopped for gas in Quartzite AZ and saw a sign advertising Discount Solar. A quick peek inside their warehouse turned into a kid-in-candy-store experience, long overdue: Affordable solar equipment, dispensed with helpful knowledge, Discount Solar has got it all, under one roof!

Eklektro can't say enough about the eclectic electronics employed within Roland's Handsonic HPD-15, a taste of musical instruments of the future: a super-ergonomic electronic hand-drum and ultra-expressive MIDI interface all in one: for portable percussion, real-time breakbeats or even triggering video clips, the HPD-15 kicks, and Roland rocks.
Appropriately located in the City of Industry, CA (25mi east of LA), Dennis Richardson and his team of mechanics at GMC-RV have helped keep both of our retro-rocket Eklektro Vehicles on-the-road as fine-tuned machines and dependable mobile living environments. If you are ever considering such a venture for yourself, be sure to consider the classic GMC motorcoach, and when in Southern CA, take a test drive at GMC-RV.

When the developement of the firewire "911" chip was in its infancy, Eklektro had an opportunity to play RocketScientist, helping out TransInternational with beta testing of this legendary drive interface. Since then, the format of Firewire has helped spearhead a new mobile media movement, and TransInternational remains at the forefront, providing great deals on memory and storage upgrades for portable Mac and PC products.

RES mag's "Digital Habitat" feature article on the solar-powered studio contained within our original Eklektro Vehicle helped shine worldwide visibility upon the first test-lauches of Eklektro Karavan. Be sure to look out for RES FEST, a seasonal world tour dedicated to digital filmmaking, broadcast design, music video and net cinema.
When Wiebetech launched the world's first bus-powered firewire enclosure for 7200 RPM hard-drives, we were one of the first customers... determined to push the limits of just where and when you can record multi-drive multi-track audio, or edit video... Laptop / battery-power / the beach? Behind the scenes, WiebeTech has brought you many an Eklektro Breakbeat of the Week! Our latest rave: FireWire800!
Metric Halo are the makers of the most portable professional quality audio interface on the planet, hands-down: The Mobile I/O Firewire Audio Interface series. Bus-powered, lightweight and designed to fit right under your laptop, the "MIO" is the Eklektro interface of choice.
Every now and then you've got to shake loose of all this tech-no and consider just why we do all this. GUM is a periodic table-top publication combining pop culture out-takes with insightful articles, and anti-highbrow art analysis (including an article by yours-truly, entitled "Punktronica Perhaps", in issue #1). And each issue is a collector's piece, shrink-wrapped for freshness, with free gum inside!


Anyone interested in refurbishing an RV into a recording studio on wheels should consider a trip to Orlando Florida and a visit to Jim Bounds of the Cooperative Motorworks. Specializing in GMC motorhome and Airstream rebuilds, Jim also has extensive experience in the pro audio industry. This unique combination (along with a generous helping of southern hospitality) made our visit to The Co-op our most memorable and productive month-long pit-stop ever!
The sister company of Eklektro.net, Warehouse600 specializes in gear and production. Not only can we provide you with the absolute best deal on video projector rental and/or installation, but we have a team of innovative VJs at the ready to implement their skills into your event. Warehouse600 also offers portable PA systems for rental, and puts out a weekly BUY/SELL/TRADE listing for used and refurb gear.

Check out the deals at TechRestore.com. Lightly-used Apple Mac laptops with 6 month warranties!