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>>a seasonal sub-series of Eklektro Karavan Breakbeat of the Week >>
(free-form cyber-jam videos: shot, edited and uploaded from the road)
(from the Solar-Sonic studios of EklektroKaravan's rotating nomadic cast and crew!)

(vids are listed in descending order: blogger style)

(5/1/04 situation update): location: Puerto Vallarta: Jungle Fever has lifted, both literally and figuratively! check the new EklektroDesperado video page for the lastest, as well as some blasts from the past...
Happy May Day! This month Eklektro celebrates 5 years of tech-nomadic living...
commemorating our west coast landing, orbiting of LA, followed by the many karavans that ensued... who knew? More news on the DVD soon...

LAST WEEK! (4/15/04) episode numero cuatro::

reaching the southern terminus of this year's migration, a month of adventures develop upon
one magic beach! Revelations indeed, released in 4 pieces ::
"Revelations" (episode 4)
(quicktime mp4 movies)
'drive' 2:40, 8mb : Observations of a virtual astronaut, plying the alien atmospheres
'arrive' 2:50, 8mb : Solar-sonic: made in the shade? "Stuck" in paradise!
'thrive' 6:40, 15mb : DJ Propane Albatross sets it up: Spring Equinox party: Playa de Passion
'LIVE' (with The Alien Children) 15:00 (coming soon hi-res on DVD!): Beach invasion: Semana Santa family jam. Try a taste-test by clicking EklektroDesperado then checking out part 1 and 2 of SemanaSanta... enjoy!

"Revelations" was shot, edited, produced, uploaded by E>K>G "on location"
in vicinity of Playa Mal Paso (Beach Shitty-Road), estado de Nayarit, Mexico
(this is what happens when the spaceship sits still for one entire month, in paradise):
All electronic music composed, recorded and remixed by E>K>G(reg)/eklektro.net
additional vocals by iMagika (also to be appearing full-length hi-res on DVD).
MC'd by alter-ego Transgressor: (the 2 performing-artist entities within one person finally split at the seams with an outpouring that couldn't be contained in real-time, nor one timeline!)
continued thanks to hermano Pd/Paolo. expatriate thanks to Aaron (DJ Propane Albatross) and artist AndieAlive.com as angelic welcome-wagon to the region; to the unknown owner of this tierra privada for unwittingly letting me stay crash-landed here; Los Monos Varios and everyone who helped stoke the fires and ring in the Spring at Playa de Passion; and super-especial thanks to La Familia Lamp y amigos, for a Semana Santa surprise beach-invasion: camp-out / cook-out and jungle jam we'll never forget! Muchas gracias! (this last bit accessible via
and as the fates do dictate: "Revelations" will be the title for the first of several Eklektro DVDs to be released in chapters over the next year. As our digital nomadic debut disk, "Revelations" is targeted for release in May04 upon return to LA. Yes indeed, extravagant excerpts of this rough-cut Breakbeat of Week episode will be available in hard-copy high-res full mix version! Please email to be kept abreast of release date info.

(3/21/04 situation update) : Eklektro reverts to one-man karavan mode: Paolo must return north from Mazatlan :) We (the RV 'n me) head further south, through the jungle towns: Sayulita:
beginning beachside 24/7 work on the first DVD... soley off solar electricity!
'Pre-Rev Recap' 4:40, 23mb : voice-over backing track (E>K>G: The Ecstatic Don't Panic) (instrumental only mix) las noticias: quick-cut style


LAST MONTH! (3/9/04) episode numero tres::

from the border to the beach, the solar-sonic sound-system
touches down in Mazatlan, and the plot thickens!! ::
"Excelsious (de nada)" (episode 3)

'full version' 4:40, 23mb (requires latest Quicktime plug-in for MPEG4 codec)
'edited version' 2:50, 13.2mb super quick cut caffeinated version

"Excelsious (de nada)" was shot, edited, produced and uploaded "on location"
(multiple locations, from the Mexican border to Mazatlan, and still driving...)
and Devolve (paolo/Pd on dv)
with countless cameos from la gente Mexicana, muchas gracias!
and with samples from OnTheRoad (books on tape) and The Phil Hendrie Show
Eklektro Mexico is an internet-only non-commercial product, not for sale or physical distribution


(2/17/04 update) : eklektro touches down in Mazatlan!


LIFT OFF! (2/13/04) episode two ::

LA exodus: first 500 miles to space-station studio stop-over
arizona-remote jam :: :: revving up and glitching out cyber-style
a taste of the upcoming DVDs in the Spring, Eklektro and Naoism, respectively, dig it:
Exodus: Tech-Nomadic

'evolution is fun' mix 2:40 (requires latest Quicktime plug-in for MPEG4 codec)
'revving up' old-school compression mix 2:40 (requires any 'ole Quicktime plug-in)

"Tech-Nomadic" is real-time electronic improv music
"composed" and performed on-the-fly by:
documented by devolve (paolo/Pd on dv)
create-fate mobile productions, cinematographer, current E-Karavanner



episode one: initial transmission: testing of systems
lift-off preparations: in the docking station pre urban exodus
packing up and outa' los angeles

Impetus: BreakBeat Sol (1/28/04)
quicktime 23mb full-res, full version 3:33

quicktime 11mb lo-res, full (crunchy) version 3:33
quicktime 14mb full-res, abbreviated version 2:09


Eklektro Mexico: another Eklektro Karavan Tech-nomadic migration::
al situacion secreto en la playa (cerca de Puerto Vallarta, mas o menos)
a 3-month adventure and RV journey south of the border
to establish a beach-camp outpost and solar studio collaborative
and stay tuned for:
south of the border live electronic event! TBA

[e>k]G:: eklektro / kardio / geographic
create-fate :: aka paolo
naoism :: systemsoular.com
modefy, and many more...


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