Here are pics of the Floripa house, located on the island side, in Rio Tavares.... very close to the airport and Florianopolis city center

House #7 / Kitchen view w/fridge and shelves, view into bathroom. Off to the right you can see the edge of the kitchen table, big enough for studio work

looking out the front door and onto the road (sorry no more interior shots) / and here's our road, shot just outside the front door... mellow

the street / you can see to the end, to the closest store, and we're at the other end of the road, near the entrance to the beach path

beach path... 5 minutes walk, and unlike most Mexican beaches (with trash and glass), you can do this whole walk barefoot

end of beach path and onto the dunes

different dune views... all within 5 minutes walk

Rio Taveres beach... for the surfers, I should've brought my camera today instead of yesterday. about 20 guys in the water, 12 foot swells

beach-goers, and strange bird on the path (a pretty quiet day beach day overall... nobody wanted to face the camera)

Yes, there are dogs here in the neighborhood, but not on the beach. And yes, there are reminders of being near the jungle...

Jungle Bug!

A bug or a bird?

on the road to Salvador from Maceio, w/Alessandra, her sister Nara (not facing the cam), and Pedro

Little Rascals, Maceio style... gotta love the pirate go-kart and the little kid making sure she's looking good for the camera!