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The Solar-Sonic Shrine.
( ( ( give voice to your psyche ) ) )

Throughout the centuries, man's sense of inner space has fostered infinite dreams of grandeur, often at odds with the actual human condition, in particular; our mostly Earth-bound reality vs. one's childlike visions of the sky, the sun and moon, and outer space. In the 1960's, the Apollo space missions tantalized and ultimately indulged the world's sense of wonder, as mankind's dreams of traveling to other worlds were for the first time realized. Many pioneer technologies were developed and new products brought to market as side-effects of the space race, including advances in solar power. In Greek mythology, Apollo was the god of sunlight, music, healing and prophecy! Indeed, with the sun as the center of nearly all the earth's energy, Apollo symbolized the elements perhaps most vital to the evolution of an upward-striving psyche, or a future-culture society, ie) information and energy. As a physical representation of all these forces working in artistic collaboration: sunlight, music, healing & prophecy! Perpetual Apollo is a solar-powered PA system (public address pod) that is literally always turned-on; a mobile interactive staging ground where infinite solar-power fuels the infinite improvisation of the human spirit; and where perhaps the purest creative path is technologically traced: from sun-ray to solar-panel to circuit board to speakers, Perpetual Apollo presents an open invitation to the singer, speaker or instrumentalist, enabling the outpouring of free-form and often chaotic soundwaves channeled straight from the psyche (free from the conventional barriers of studio egos, logistics, utility bills or censorship). And with PA's immediate audience acting as witness, as Greek-theatre chorus, the underlying theory is that free energy plus the immediacy of the moment (mobility) best enables the birth of free ideas: as melodies, harmonies and lyrical epiphanies. And with upward-seeking technology seated in its proper place, PA is an experiment out to prove that it is a reflective relationship, a celebration of energy transformation... to which Perpetual Apollo is both catalyst, and solar-sonic shrine.

During the week-long festival of BurningMan, Perpetual Apollo will present alternating hours of audiovisual activities, starting with sunrise live ambient laptop performances perfect for morning meditations upon the deeper reaches of the outer Playa. As the day progresses, the Perpetual Apollo team will facilitate loosely orchestrated open-mic performances, solo instrumentalists and open decks. As the sunset approaches, participants are encouraged to join in an electro-organic drum circle, as Perpetual Apollo switches to sun-charged battery power for the evening hours, altogether providing a round-the-clock respite, a sacred sonic space, a door forever-open for spontaneity.

Most importantly, PA's ergonomic and open construction will afford the participant a thorough look at the inner workings of such a system, stressing the easy association of solar to sonic. Via plexiglass panels and air filtration fans, every component will be protected from the elements, and yet visible to all, with wires outlined and decorated in florescent paints for nighttime glow, and with the map to the labyrinth signal path decorated like hieroglyphics on the pod's exterior. Beyond BurningMan, Perpetual Apollo will be towed on tour across the world, as an interactive instigator, a symbol of overcoming mankind's most timely challenges: Earth-conscious technologies: clean energy, free media, boundless inspiration and the perpetual echoing of mankind's most lofty dreams. Perpetual Apollo: One Small Step... towards perma-cultural goals. The gods smile. Man dreams on.

detailed 3d rendereings of Perpetual Apollo. *Electrical schematic available upon request.

Our budget would require 3 installments:
Installment 1 As soon as possible in order to track down, purchase, tow to worksite and begin to prepare a GMC motorhome (or similar) for transformation to the solar-sonic staging area. This requires an installment of $5500, and since we cannot predict the exact price of the exact RV, we would suggest that any excess funds be put towards the purchase of more solar panels or batteries, in order to allow more headroom for back-up power, to get through the light... or more lighting, projection, etc.... Any deficit of funding would likewise subtract a solar panel or 2... a speaker or 2.

Installment 2 would be needed by early to mid-May, so we can begin the process of fashioning the interior and exterior... as staging ground. We'd like to get some of the more physical labor out of the way before it gets too hot out at our desert workspace (Hemet CA)! This includes the welding, creating the rotating panel and speaker arms, the painting, and prepping the interior for modular set-up.... as well as plexiglass and filtration.

Installment 3 would bring aboard all the actual SOLAR and SONIC components and accessories. These prices are based on a partial "sponsorship" discount that Eklektro receives from Discount Solar and/or RV Power Products. Perhaps this discount (approx 10%) might be increased once these vendors consider the affiliation with BurningMan. Eklektro is also in contact with Mackie Designs, the manufacture of our speakers-of-choice. Again, perhaps BurningMan affiliation might allow for a discount direct from the company, or through a distributor. Regardless, in order to wire-up, configure and test out the "perpetual" claims of "PA", we would like to receive this installment by early June if at all possible. Then, with BurningMan's permission, "PA" might be available for any "Pre-Compression" parties... which might help build a roster of electronic artists for collaboration out on the playa.
GMC motorhome chassis
welding supplies
filters and fans
misc metal and wood
(8) 120 watt solar panels
(12) deep cycle batteries
solar regulator
2500 watt sine wave inverter
12v connectctors and cabling
(4) Mackie SRM350 speakers
(2) Mackie SRM450 speakers
(2) Mackie SWS 1500 subs
mixing board
audio cabling
feedback eliminator
microphones & stands
paint and supplies
towing from purchase point to worksite
towing to burningman and back
* Price based on purchase of new items, however many items can be purchased second hand..reducing price overall.

"PA" is designed to be easily portable and ultimately self-sufficient. There will be no on-playa structures, other than perhaps ONE tent, serving dual purpose: 1) as a wind-shield... strategically positioned tent that would break the wind enough so that the main entrance to the pod is not always blowing dust inside. 2) this tent would house spare components, and would include a clean room. This could also function as a "backstage", where electronic artists could prepare... and of course we'd run an extension cord to this tent.
"Have you previously attended Burning Man, and are you aware of the difficulties inherent in creating anything in a harsh wilderness setting?"

Yes, Greg Weber aka EKG / has attended BurningMan 5 times in the past 6 years. He has assisted in the planning, construction and clean-up of several LA-area theme camps; and with his Eklektro solar-studio RV has provided solar electrical power to his BurningMan neighbors wherever he goes. Most especially, in 2002, EKG singlehandedly configured and captained the Eklektro Silver Submarine art-car RV... which featured live audio mixing from the cockpit, dual zone sound-systems, periscope, topside seating for 12, dancefloor below, a mobile kitchen serving unlimited peppermint tea... strobe lighting, ultraviolet and the works....

For a more detailed account read this

E>K>G / Greg Weber / AKA Eklektro-Greg, EklektroKardio,

Electronic performing artist E>K>G is a true tech-nomad; an MC/drummer/programmer/songwriter/film-maker and general Jack of all techno-trades. As designer and full-time dweller/driver of an ultra-ergonomic solar-energized RV-studio (The Eklektro Retro-Rocket), E>K>G indeed converts sun rays to soundwaves; transmitting remote streaming audio, as well as wirelessly-uploaded on-location video ("Breakbeat of the Week") while orbiting LA, or cross country with Eklektro Karavan, or via backpack studio, crossing the globe... E>K>G delivers his inspirational mobile multimedia via ie) eclectic electronics everywhere!

The quick-changing modes of an E>K>G live performance make for an intensely visual experience. Weber's main instrument is comprised of dual Roland Handsonic HPD-15 electronic hand-drums, modified with kick pedals into a super-ergonomic drum-kit. E>K>G challenges the dancefloor as a live breakbeat machine, with grooves ranging from Drum n Bass to IDM, Tech-house to Trip-hop. This, along with dual Mac laptops, microphone, megaphone, 2-way radios and effects, E>K>G delivers a solo performance that often incorporates live and/or virtual (video-sampled and projected) special guests, a format which goes further with each performance, each new technological leap. Indeed, the subject matter of an E>K>G track often gravitates towards the ironic ecstasy of living on the road surrounded by such expressive high technology... creating in motion, with vocals delivered low-brow, prophetic, as might be transmitted from that secret back alley or deserted Baja beach...
Stay tuned for E>K>G's upcoming DVD release: Earth Address Optional
"synaptic border patrol. infinitely updating the moment..." audio & video samples, performance history, and more

The naoist. Living in the now. For the moment. Educating the spectator to become a participator. A conglomeration of all medias, and habitual media junkies, individually. A vision since our partnership with the many forms of sensory manipulation. Now, we believe nothing to be real. Even after touching it. Even after pressing the buttons. Now, you turn the dial and it's all the same station. A shock to the system, the all seeing, all knowing, all mighty god, your tv. One in every room. A soul searching broadcast from the antennae/receiver that is you. Mind and body. Repeatedly bombarded with spectrumatical frequency. Now, you flip the switch and it's always prime time. The next big story is about you.

Independently produced short films projected and mixed with live music and sounds. Using custom max/nato/flash/midi applications developed by systemsoular for live video performance, and multi projection environments. Electronica/Dub/Jungle mixed in sequence for a multi layered cinematic film and music experience.

...establishing a remote studio in the mountains outside Tucson Arizona. ("Exodus" - Quicktime) Naoism met up with Eklektro when they were in the midst of their tour for Motion Detector v1. Immediately all 3 began scheming to join forces to create a DVD distribution label and self-sustainable touring/performing conglomerate. The plans for "Perpetual Apollo" have been on the burner for over 2 years, when E>K>G returned from his 2002 Art-Car experience, amped-up for the next level... solar-sonic! Since then, Greg has further fine-tuned his mobile studio, and has been commissioned to do solar installations for several other artist's mobile studios, including a 240 watt system on top of the Vanagon owned by Blue Girl, who is featured in a pictorial in the original BurningMan book... painted blue head to toe.

Tim Chandler

Tim met Greg Weber via Ebay, concerning GMC motorhomes and RV parts for sale. Tim has 40 acres of private land in Hemet CA, and for the past 4 months Greg has helped Tim ready the property to host an alternative RV park for electronic artists: was lauched merely a month ago, and the ranch will be ready for debut by MayDay 05, featuring beautiful vistas, peace and quiet, high-speed wireless internet, well-water and clean air.... just 99 miles from downtown LA. Tim and Greg will also be conducting seminars in solar technologies, and assisting artists in the purchase and refurbishing of their own customized mobile studios. The VillaCita ranch is slated as the construction site for Perpetual Apollo this coming summer. Tim also brings to the team his welding, design and mechanical skills.
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