The Philosophy of Gear

Suggestions of collaborative format and methodology for electronic artists,
tech-pirates, digital nomads, electrified entrepreneurs and new-rave dreamers:


Before we can speak of the philosophy of gear, one must consider the philosophy of trade, because gear is nothing if not tools of a trade: Trade of life-giving resources, commodities, fanciful objects, appliances, machines and even more gear. Trade extending into the realm of ideas, energies and channeled emotion... a global, cultural and often abstract trade via the performing arts: music and corresponding media. "We want the airwaves." And with gear as our means of a super-natural productivity, we focus in on perhaps the most volatile life-aspect as accelerated (benefitted?) by gear: communication... data: facts, thoughts and/or imagery manifest thru mechanisms of interface, now near-limitless (eventually effortless?) in the digital domain: and perhaps fleshed-out most hopefully futuristic, as represented thru ecstatic rhythm and tone: ELECTRONIC MUSIC... and its ever-evolving embodiments of gear, instrumentation: to which we're hooked up, configured, plugged in, almost to the point of implant, making music with which to make interplanetary contact, or at least lead us ever further into this lightning renaissance of real-time worldwide and wireless exchange, the next-best-thing-to-being-there: virtual reality...coming to terms with rocket science... and the near-infinite inner powers of the microchip...
"The future's so bright i gotta wear shades", if and only if we don't side-track, and perhaps for once default to choosing the substance over the bombast... that which truly floats a boat, in day to day situations: integrity, or some other common ground pre-meditated in format, yet never short on inspirational spontaneity, creativity: Intellectual Property and/or freeform spoken word, mixed and remixed loops, random sample-playback and clip-art collage...output, PRODUCT: a cooler form of commerce if you will: Live Performance, as brought to life by the free-will human manipulation of GEAR: Relayed experiences, dramatizations, gyrations and beats for your listening and observational pleasures, either spectator sport or participatory dancefloor, trade-show or warehouse rave... techno takes the bored out of the board-room, and with each technological surge, this is the motive power of gear. Prepare ye for the new media. Strong, objective and courageous... outspoken and judicious, and as the Ghost in the Machine demands of us: No fear of the possession of gear. Rather fear ye the repossession of reality: beware the subtle lines between fact/opinon and lies: Documentary vs. illusion and the treatment of time-sensitive material: News broadcast and talk, tribal 6pm ritualized tune-in barraged by commercials implies perhaps its time to drop-out. Put one's foot down and perhaps tomorrow's news will be delivered over unbiased breakbeat as opposed to corporate muzak bumper branding or subjective pop song sold-out on soap... Fact transmission live-sung as opposed to telepromted or pre-recorded tape. In front of a live studio audience, we join this program in progress, and the already-converted have been waiting way too long and way too patiently. 21st century televisual ain't TV no more. 21st century TV ain't gonna be centered around some dumb box, over-inflated and produced for the overblown TV ego. New media must no longer reflect the cultural side-track taken by our 1950's-born networks: The American TV Dream (No longer indicative of its past) is a now-outdated entertainment format which may have reached its peak with the original Star Trek... and thank God for the final frontier... Live long and prosper... and bring on the new gear.

e>k>g '03

QuickTime rhythms from the road:

6/2/02: A mix of mobile real-time
drum tracks with video highlights
from the east coast re-launch
of Eklektro Karavan.

High Bandwidth - 8.1 mb
Low / Modem - 4.8mb

Tremolo Beach: jamming dual-screen, 1.6mb


Take the 3-minute tour of
Eklektro Vehicle2, the "before" shots
9mb, Quicktime plug-in required

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