anonymous sunday afternoon phone-in :
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edited and mobile-uploaded by E>K>G

Every now and then you get your over-excited friend with a cellphone, phoning you from the strangest of places
on a Sunday afternoon... And many a time, i've been that friend, calling my friends from the ground-zero of the moment...
the next-best thing to being there... a communication trick (thought-that-counts) that's likely to be antiquated within a
few years, but anyway, I pick up the phone and i hear the drums, but there's nobody there... (pick up the camera)...
capturing "found" noise: Nothing like a cellphone with lo-fi speakerphone, complete with digital effects processing,
built-in gate and distortion... wow! weekend minutes, streaming audio... and in this case, anonymous... ie) nobody
ever picked-up to say hello (and the call went on for 8 minutes!) i THINK this is somebody's phone-in-pocket auto-dial
calling me from the Venice DrumCircle (30 miles away)... But i KNOW that these weird audio/video tricks, situations n
rhythmic juxtapositions are what make for yet another great on-location edition of Breakbeat of the Week!
Tune your lo-fi receptors... Quicktime plug-in, click it.. dig it...

Anonymous caller beware: next time i'll be ready with a better microphone!

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