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Almost a year ago a drunk driver hit our '78 GMC Motorhome
(affectionately referred to as The Camel) and totalled it with a bent frame.
Since then, we concentrated our efforts into the project of refurbing
our '76 GMC, The Rocket, setting-up and configuring with full solar studio...
and taking it to Mexico for 4 months this winter. Now, after being back a week,
and upon the discovery of a parts-car, we're ready to take on the Camel rebuild!
Seems a shame to scrap what's left of the donor RV, code-named "Tro"
(as in Ek-lek-TRO), when it could perhaps be cut down to a 4 wheel trailer studio.
Here's an overview of what we have to play with.
Stay tuned to see how the dust settles this summer!


9mb quicktime mp4